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Complete our simple merchant registration and add paywaz to your checkout. Our integrated platform allows shoppers to buy now, paywazlater online, mobile or in-store.

Boost sales and conversion rates

paywaz increases the conversion rate of customers as much as 120%, generating more sales, introducing and converting first-time shoppers into brand advocates.

Repeat purchases, increased ATV

Our platform has proven to introduce first-time customers, increase the average transaction value (ATV) basket size as much as 150% and convert first time shoppers into long-term repeat and loyal customers.

Receive payment in full

Our platform is stable, secure and user-friendly. All payments are processed in real-time and merchants receive payment in full within 2-3 business days. Our Merchant Dashboard is easy to use, view, track all orders and payments.

No fraud or credit risk, at all

paywaz assumes all end-customer non-repayment, chargeback and fraud risk for each and every transaction. Merchants receive payment in full for the total transaction value within 2-3 business days.

Seamless integration

Our platform integrates with your store directly via our custom API or by using one of our platform plugins. Our customer success for business team is here to help with your integration and provide technical support.

Omnichannel experience

Our platform creates a frictionless experience for shoppers on mobile, online or in-store.

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We offer consumers interest free installment plans via our retail payments platform.


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